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Delivers the best real estate Software development services that help to connect all the stakeholders- sellers, buyers, and real estate agents with a click or swipe on their mobile phones, laptop and tablet.

Insurance & Finance Application

Allow students to choose the best teachers as per their interest & needs,
and connect with them remotely via different modes.

Easy Login

Simple login interface makes logging into your application simpler by either entering your basic information or opting to log in to social media.

User Friendly Interface

Using the convenient interface, you can scroll through the complete menu, filtered by dish, restaurant name or a category.

Downline Management

Provide tools for finance marketers to track and manage their downlines, view their team's performance, and monitor their finance's growth.

Sales and Commission Tracking

Implement a system for tracking sales, bonuses, and commissions, enabling finance marketers to monitor their earnings and incentives.

Communication and Messaging

Offer in-app communication features, such as messaging and notifications, to facilitate communication among finance marketers and their teams.

Ratings & Reviews

Once the food is delivered and you are done with eating, you are provided with options to rate the food and services, which will help improve the quality of the entire process.

Insurance & Finance Website

Intuitive app for teachers to communicate & provide the best learning resources, guidance, notes, etc. to drive better results for their students.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Provide finance marketers with an intuitive dashboard that offers a clear overview of their teams, earnings, and progress.

Downline Viewer

Enable finance marketers to view and manage their downlines, track team growth, and assess the performance of individual team members.

Earnings and Commissions Tracking

Implement a robust system for tracking sales, commissions, and bonuses, allowing finance marketers to monitor their earnings and incentives.

Communication Tools

Offer built-in communication tools like messaging, notifications, and email marketing features to facilitate communication within the finance.

Training and Resources

Provide a resource center with training materials, webinars, marketing resources, and support to help finance marketers improve their skills and grow their businesses.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Equip finance marketers with marketing materials, product catalogs, and personalized sales pages to assist in promoting products and recruiting new team members.

Admin Panel

Keep a bird’s eye view & manage your online educational consultation business
with the help of powerful dashboard & analytics.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view to manage your Insurance & Finance from a single window.

User Management

Efficiently manage Insurance & Finance companies and their teams, with the ability to add, remove, or modify user profiles and access levels.

Data Analytics

Provide in-depth analytics and reporting tools for Insurance & Finance companies to track sales, team performance, and overall operations, supporting data-driven decision-making.

Security and Access Control

Implement robust security measures, including user authentication, role-based access control, and data encryption, to protect sensitive information.

Compensation Plan Management

Configure and customize compensation plans to fit the specific needs and structure of each Insurance & Finance company.

Communication Tools

Offer built-in communication features like messaging and notifications to facilitate interaction within Insurance & Finance organizations.