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Multi-vendor instant driver solution.
  • Control Panel Powered by Laravel & Node.Js
  • Territory Management
  • Integrated Google Places and Map
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Multi-Vendor Support
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Seamless Food Delivery Software: Delighting Customers and Vendors.

Powerful and easy to use instant driver application for your business. Lilac Foodmine has every features you need in a solution to grow your driver business without the work.

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Streamline your whole driver operations with our powerful instant food driver application that offers your customers an awesome experience from planning the driverís route to deliver the delicious food ñ we have features to connect it all!

With Foodmine, you can expand your business and deliver to new customers since our logistics team has you covered.


Drivers Application

Display Map & GPS Monitoring

Using the GPS and looking at the screen, the driver will decide the position of the customer and even get directions from the most optimal route. This functionality will be built into the rider app to help them keep track of it.

Driver Dashboard

The driver would be able to search different information on the dashboard, such as past trips, future trips, cumulative profits, number of hours he was on-line, and other such data.

Ratings & Reviews

Riders have the option to leave feedback, recommendations and ratings to the drivers after the ride is over. Drivers can see the reviews they have received from the passenger and realize what they miss.

Trip Details

Drivers are provided with user travel information and built-in navigation to ensure a smooth pick-up and drop create customer loyalty and help them save time as navigation provides them with the shortest route.

Real Time Request

It is critical that the app sends immediate and real-time requests to drivers in the vicinity. If the drivers have a trouble accepting the order, it affects their earnings and your company.

User Information

Drivers are provided with user travel information and built-in navigation to ensure a smooth pick-up and drop, create customer loyalty and help them save time as navigation provides them with the shortest route.

Our Process of Taxi Booking
App Development

Requirements Gathering

The first step is to consider your taxi business, its basic specifications and its processes. Our sales representatives will contact you to clarify all your criteria and the details you need to address the types of taxi solutions you need for your company.

Strategy Planning

When you've got an idea, you need to prepare for the future of your app. One of the easiest ways to start is to define the competition. Practice as much as you can free of charge. Errors are time consuming, irritating, and costly. You also have to test a few ways before you get it right.

UI/UX Design

There's a lot going on to decide the app's UI/UX. You ought to know who you are and who your clients are going to be. Will the app be used at night or day? Which theme would fit better, so as not to blind the users? Try to keep the clumsiness to a minimum and get the key point across.

App Development

At Lilac, we're aiming for native applications, which mean that you've actually got a custom version for every operating system. This style of development encourages faster efficiency to be achieved, increases security and helps ensure improved service for customers.

Quality Assurance

It's normal to test any aspect of the product manually and automatically when making your own app. The type of Quality Assurance method used depends on the project, but no matter which method is used, we make sure that the finished product delivered is of the highest quality.


Finally, we're delivering the app and it's released for users to download. Optimization of the App Store is particularly beneficial. It allows consumers to find your product in an infinite array of alternatives. The high quality of promotional materials would also make your app appealing.

One Point Analytics Rich Control Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

An comprehensive admin dashboard will allow you to set up fares, commission, review active and complete drivers, check each driver's background and data, check earnings for that day or the past, produce reports and invoices, and do a lot more! It allows you to run your company smoothly.

Trip Tracking

We allow the admin to monitor the location of each ride. The admin can also monitor any trip location live on Google Maps. In addition, the admin can see the precise path of the trip on Google Maps.

Tariff Operations

You can use this specific function to measure the fare by entering the standard fare, fare according to the distance, fare per minute, fare for waiting, toll cost, price rise and other such rates. This will automate invoice production based on a number of variables, making it easier for you.

Dispute Panel

What's a great way to discover the pros and cons of your application than to read feedback of people who have used the app? As an admin, you can review all reviews and ratings that users send to the app and even address the complaints of each user.

Reports & Analytics

You can generate all kinds of reports from the admin panel, such as a month or day attrition or a certain span of time, the number of drivers and their details, the total number of vehicles, the sum to be charged to the drivers, the details of the trips and the passengers etc.

Registration Management

Admin will add drivers, upgrade addresses, activate/deactivate their services. Admin can access and distribute messages to all approved customers. Admin may also incorporate vehicle types and vehicle detail.