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Multi-vendor instant delivery solution.
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Seamless Food Delivery Software: Delighting Customers and Vendors.

Powerful and easy to use instant delivery application for your business. Lilac Foodmine has every features you need in a solution to grow your delivery business without the work.

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Streamline your whole delivery operations with our powerful instant food delivery application that offers your customers an awesome experience from planning the driverís route to deliver the delicious food ñ we have features to connect it all!

With Foodmine, you can expand your business and deliver to new customers since our logistics team has you covered.


Patient's Application

Easy Login

Simple login interface makes logging into your application simpler by either entering your basic information or opting to log in to social media.

User Friendly Interface

Using the convenient interface, you can scroll through the complete menu, filtered by dish, restaurant name or a category.

Location Based Search

You can search for the restaurants in your locality based on the location-based search.

Appointment Scheduling

Let patients schedule appointments via web & app with a specialist of their choice from anywhere & at any time.

In-Built Chat & Call

Calling up the delivery boy for any reason is a simple task with the in-built chat and call facility.

Ratings & Reviews

Once the food is delivered and you are done with eating, you are provided with options to rate the food and services, which will help improve the quality of the entire process.


Quick Order


Completely Customizable


Push Notification


Simple Restaurant Search


Digital Menu


Review & Rating

Doctor/Nurse Application


Doctors can share their real-time availability with customers to let them decide the best & improve calendar utilization.

Appointment Reminders

Healthcare staff will receive instant visual & sound notification when an appointment is scheduled, ensuring you don’t miss any.

Customer History

Your staff will get access to customer’s health history, past visits, & other important information, leading to better & faster treatment.

Manage Ratings & Reviews

Allow your patients to share honest feedback about the treatment provided & healthcare service providers and promote your business.

Billing and Payments

Manage billing and payment processes for services rendered.

Contact Forms

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with your real estate company by offering clear and user-friendly contact forms for inquiries, appointments, or property showings.

Admin Panel

Analytics & Reports

The admin of the instant delivery application has the authority to generate all the reports at a regular interval to monitor performances which helps him to track the status of the users, delivery boys as well as the restaurants.

Feedback Management

Once the food is delivered, the user is provided an option to rate the restaurant as well as the delivery partners. This feedback helps the admin to analyze the performance and to also keep up with the standards.

Data Security

With patient's data management solutions keep your patient health reports & other information secure.

Send & Manage Alerts

The email and alerts helps the admin to stay connected with the users. The new offers and alerts are sent to the users which helps them to stay connected to the application.

Create & Manage Offers & Promo Codes

Offers and promo codes play an important role in the restaurant management system. The more the offers are brought in, the more the customers will be attracted. The admin has an option to generate and manage these offers.

Location Management

The admin manages the location which plays a major part in the delivery process. The location is divided into territories and all the reports are managed by admin territory wise.